Nimprod, comic book imprint of Nimesh Morarji, is dedicated to producing Western genre comics. Nimprod currently produces Snake, Bang Bang Lucita, Xibalba and Viperous Vixens . The titles are part of the same universe and actually have overlapping story lines which lead to an epic crossover/team-up story arc. The Nimprod Westerns tell fun stories, that offer developed characters who also happen to be strong women in a time when they were treated as secondary citizens.



Nimesh Morarji (Artist/story)

Freelancer comicbook colorist that lives in Lisboa, Portugal. worked with various publishers like Wayward Raven Media, Terminus Media,  Arcana and others.

if you want to see more of his work, you should definitely check his Facebook or Instagram page. He also tweets if you want to know what, follow his twitter


Chuck Amadori (Writter/story)

founder of Isle Squared Comics and our partner in crime, Chuck Amadori is a ComicBook writer with several titles produced like Pale Dark, Tether, Empress or Divinity. Currently lives in Grand Island, NY

if you want to catch up with him, visit his website, or look him up on Twitter or Facebook.


Alexandre Reis worked as the main artist on Snake issue 1, creating beautiful pencils and inks.

Chris Ciuffi worked on the rest of the arc for this title as penciler and inker.

Edson Alves Created the pencils and inks of Bang Bang Lucita.


If you have a question that isn’t answered here, you can ask it below in the comments or find us on Facebook, Twitter, or email us at support@nimprod.com.

Q: Will the comics be available in print?

Yes it will. Visit our shop and you will be able to order our titles in Print and Digital editions.

Q: Can I support the comics?

Absolutely. Spread the word, share the link to our website, leave comments on the pages (your feedback is a huge motivator for us :D). And finally, if you appreciate our hard work, grab something from our shop.