I should be using this blog thing more often 😝
First of all I just want to thank all of you who keep visiting the site every week and read all the pages we update. Your support is greatly appreciated and we believe that we are making things worthwhile.
Now we have added a feature for you to join our mailing list and get updates tailored to your wishes. I’m in verge of buying a new computer so I can go back and start streaming while I work on the pages for the comics, this way those who like to see how it’s done can follow live. Those who wants to know how it’s done and learn to one day they also do it can come and ask questions. Just join the mailing list from your left side options here on the blog 😉
Issue 2 of Bang Bang Lucita is ready and lettered, I will release it on Facebook as PAY WHAT YOU WANT for it. All funds will help to pay the server and to continue producing more pages.
Also, those who join our mailing list till April 15th 2017, will get a FREE copy of Bang Bang Lucita issue 2.
For now, ill end this post and will keep you updated and much more over here as well.
And don’t forget, don’t squat with your spurs on 😊