Life always seems to find a way to get you. No matter what you plan, Life will be there to remind you that you have no control.

One thing is for sure, Life is right. I have no control to it, no matter what i do.

But what i can always do is to not be defeated by life and always finding my way to get back on track.

No matter how hard life hits you, you find a way to get back to what you set. No matter how long it takes, no matter how much of a setback its causing, YOU – GET –  BACK – TO – WHAT – YOU – SET!

I’ve been on and off over my Western project, life keeps happening, i keep correcting the course, keep adapting to what life keep throwing and always try to come back to my track. Stronger, Better and more focused.

Avoiding to enter in much details about my personal life, my mom recently passed away and that made me correct my plans, my course once again. It’s not easy, especially when I’ve been doing everything in life with my Mom in mind and my plans.


I’ve been focusing in my coloring career in order to make more money so i could help my Mom, i’ve been neglecting the westerns over this, but still doing it on a lower pace. Now surely i can find more time to dedicate to the comics as artist and in to my Coloring career.


My skill been developing and the time to do more for “A Tale Real Wild” been increasing. All i can say to you dear Reader, Friend, Loyal Follower of our comic, is Thank you for your patience!

Thank you for allowing me to grow on my life, as artist and as a person. Thank you for supporting all this venture so far and i’m sure we’ll be together for all that still lies ahead.


Expect activity, Expect improvements. We are still here and we have a lot to tell from our Comics!

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Here’s a WIP to ZEKE from Chapter 01