page 44 notes

Aaaaaannnd we arrived to the end of the Chapter 1.
I know that this last page is not a surprise and you all kinda guessed the outcome but believe me, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

It’s been a slow burn but i hope it’s been a good and entertaining story. Next chapter is about Lucita, a Mexican cook that knows some tricks with knives 😉

I Loved Alex Reis art, he did a great job drawing Snake and next chapter will feature Edson Alves art and he is great layouting the pages.

We will be taking a small break before starting to post Lucita, probably on start of December.
Keep an eye on our social media for all the announcements and other goodies.

Btw, have you guys been watching WestWorld? im truly enjoying the series.
what you guys think of it?

– Nimesh Morarji