page 09 notes

Hey Everyone,

hope you all enjoying the series so far?

I’ve been learning a lot doing this, so this page brings some new techniques that hopefully will make the comic look even better. I have started lettering on Adobe Illustrator so i can create a good looking talking balloons, dialogue and Sfx!

Up till here i was deviding the original page in 2 and publishing in this format, but i realized that somethimes the layout isent working very well, so im placing the panels in different layouts as this format has been asking for. Now things will look better and make more sense and hopefully give some dynamics to whats happening.

Anyways, what’s important is what you guys think. Let me know on the comments bellow what you think of the new structure of the page (im guessing you guys wont see the difference cause you don’t have the original issues, unless or a $10+ patron) and how the texts and balloons are looking too.


Have a nice weekend and see you guys and gals on Monday

– Nimesh Morarji