page 07 notes

Alex Reis (Artist): “I love the colors Nimesh did in this page, Snake looks like the Wonder Woman of the Wild West (laughs). I loved the colors used as it brought even more tension and mystery on the story. I did everything I could to not leave any detail out, the facial expressions of the customers and even from the bartender looks awesome. Congrats also to Nimesh and Chuck for all this.”

Nimesh Morarji (Creator & Colorist): Hey guys, welcome to page 7,  I LOVE this page.
The silence, the expectation, the what will happen now that the most deadly outlaw is right there!!
Snake is a legend on that time, she and her gang are well known for their actions and usually no one lives to tell what exactly happened. I loved the way Alex captured the all essence of the page and all the expressions are brilliantly done.

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