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what do you do when what you have is not enough?

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Been buys as hell coloring comics work.
This been my busiest year for sure, since May i’m booked till the end of the year.
What this means for this WebComic?
Well, it means the posts are a bit slow and the creation of new pages are also slower. How Ever, the current chapter your reading is fully available as PDF on our store if you dont want to wait for the pages. check it out 😉

I Appreciate your patience on this matter and count on you for the future.

– Nimesh

page 17 notes

Under Pressure!!
Come and sing with me:

“Mmm num ba de
Dum bum ba be
Doo buh dum ba beh beh
Pressure, pushing down on me ….”

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The Mexicans are attacking the President?

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everyone went to party and forgot to return?

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Hey Hey Hey!
And we are on 2019!!!
Hope you guys had a great time in 2018 and i promise that 2019 is going to be THE YEAR!!!

Captain Marsh is clearly still celebrating the end of the year 😛

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Oh Boy,
The Mayor is now in serious trouble.

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Hey, welcome to the update!

Doing Business is hard, and when you want to save someone, you’ll pay anything. i guess?