page 44 notes

Aaaaaannnd we arrived to the end of the Chapter 1.
I know that this last page is not a surprise and you all kinda guessed the outcome but believe me, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

It’s been a slow burn but i hope it’s been a good and entertaining story. Next chapter is about Lucita, a Mexican cook that knows some tricks with knives πŸ˜‰

I Loved Alex Reis art, he did a great job drawing Snake and next chapter will feature Edson Alves art and he is great layouting the pages.

We will be taking a small break before starting to post Lucita, probably on start of December.
Keep an eye on our social media for all the announcements and other goodies.

Btw, have you guys been watching WestWorld? im truly enjoying the series.
what you guys think of it?

– Nimesh Morarji

page 43 notes

Yep, this guys was asking for it, dont you agree?
well, next will be the final page of this chapter then we take a small break and come back for chapter 2 : Bang Bang Lucita.

Hope to see you guys for it as in tone it will be a little different than chapter 1 and it will feature the art of Edson Alves.
– Nimesh Morarji

page 41 notes

Hey everyone,
so next week will be chapter FinalΓ©!
before we start on chapter 2 there will be a small break (2 weeks maybe) but i’ll update on this.
in the mean time i’ve uplaoded issue 1 of SNAKE (chapter one that you are reading ) and issue 01 of Lucita (Chapter 2 that will start next)
if you like what we are doing please consider to get the pdf for you’r enjoyment. the price of $2.99 usd is to help cover the expenses on maintaining this site ad-free for you.

have a nice day everyone

– Nimesh Morarji

Page 40 notes

New update!!
This chapter is almost over, next one will introduce Lucita!
I hope you guys are following us on our social media (you have the icon-links on the top left) as we are posting some cool stuff coming on Xibalba chapter πŸ˜‰

Enjoy the update and have fun everyone

– Nimesh Morarji

page 39 notes

Catching up! Catching up!!!

Hey everyone, new update!! wohoooo!!

Anyways, hope you guys catched the speak peek i posted yesterday on our social media pages and it made you exited for whats coming.

What you guys planning on doing this weekend?

Page 38 notes

Hey guys and gals,
sorry it’s been a while i updated pages here. Lots of client wirk made me focus on other things but now, ill try catch up.
I’ve been practicing some new stuff to be used on Xibalba Chapter, so if you want to get some sneak previews dont forget to visit ou social media page πŸ˜‰

Have a great week everyone!!

– Nimesh Morarji

Page 37 notes

i changed the background color on this,
i think this one works way much better and makes the characters pop

Have a great week everyone!!

– Nimesh Morarji

page 36 notes

Things about to heat up between Eliza and Zeke as we move near the end of Chapter 1!

I love the first panel on this update.

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See ya guys next week!!

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Page 35 notes

Hello Everyone,
really sorry for this long hiatus period but i moved home and things got a bit longer to settle.
But now we’re back and ready to move on!

See ya guys Thursday!!!

– Nimesh Morarji

Page 34 notes

Today we introduce a new character. Claire.
We know she is the barmaid on the salloon but… dont you think she is very well dressed to be just that?
So who she is after all?
find out on the next pages πŸ˜‰

– Nimesh Morarji