Now on Amazon

As much as we prefer as independent creators that you guys buy directly from us, we understand that sometimes it’s easier for you to buy on your local Amazon. So as today, what ever Amazon you use (.com, .es, .de, .co.uk, .com.br, etc…) we made our comics available there in Print and Digital. We appreciate your support and if you have any questions, feel free to reach us out!

You can access Amazon.com directly from our website. on the menu choose SHOP>On Amazon


Prints are rolling again!

It seems that now, here in Europe things are normalizing again. it was a though year cause Covid but now its time to get back to normal!

So, with that, we are happy to announce that Bang Bang Lucita is available in print again and Snake part 1 is getting ready to be sent to the printer (next month) and you soon will be able to order it too,


Print Edition unavailable

Due to the Pandemic, we unfortunately inform you that the Print edition of our comics are unavailable.

The post office is very irregular in some countries so in order to save some headache we decided to not ship the print edition of our comics. Currently only the digital edition is available.

As for apparel, they can be shipped without any issues. Thank you for understanding.