Anatomy of a panel

Hey Everyone,

today I want to share with you something that made me think a bit while thumbnailing one of the pages for my comic.

In this page it’s a sequence of a poker game and in this panel in particular, one guy is showing his cards. He has a Royal Flush.

Now, bear with me, I now the drawing isn’t fancy but, it’s a part of thumbnailing. In case you cant understand what’s on the thumbnail, it’s a hand putting the cards down on the table and making visible what he got, in this case a Royal flush. Also, in his sleeve is a hidden card indicating that his cheating. As for dialogue, the player with the cards is not saying anything and another player says in disbelief that its impossible for him to have a royal flush.

Anyways, none of it matters, it’s just context. What matters is, the way I thumbnailed the scene, the dialogue would occupy the top part of the panel, like the next image indicates.

Now, you as a reader would first read the balloon and then see the drawing. You would immediately know that he has a royal flush and a player wasn’t happy with it.

But I think it would be more fun for the reader to first see the cards and see that he has a royal flush and only then read what another player said. I could make 2 different panels for this, one that shows the cards and the other that has the dialogue. It’s obvious that the other player would only react to his cards AFTER seeing them.

So, how to do that within this panel? Without dividing it in 2? Well. I can move the dialogue balloon to the bottom of the page, this way the reader will see his hand and the cards he has and ONLY then, read the text, check out on the image below.

Let me know what you think of this, do you agree that it works this way? Or you have another idea?