About us

NimProd is an independent comic publisher founded by Nimesh Morarji. Our goal is to tell stories in new ways from the unique perspective of seasoned comic creator. We strive to present stories that are both familiar and innovative at the same time. We hope that you’ll join us on this crazy and exciting journey into the world of comics!


Nimesh Morarji (Co-Creator, Colorist, Letterer, Logo & Artist)
Nimesh is a professional Colorist. He has had his Colorist work published through a lot of Indie Comics, Arcana Comics, and SelfPublishers. Nimesh created the Nimprod Universe and along side Chuck Amadori they brought Snake, Bang Bang Lucita and Xibalba to life. You can follow Nimesh on Twitter (@Nimesh_art), or like his page on Facebook (Nimesh_art1) and on Instagram (@Nimesh.art).

Chuck Amadori (Co-Creator, writer & Publisher) Chuck is mainly a Writer and owns Isle Squared Comics, a imprint he created. Chuck accepted Nimesh’s challenge to bring the characters that we love and cherish to life. You can follow Chuck on Twitter (@Zarran67) and on Facebook (neuralclone) .